Learn more about who is behind SidesMedia, and who we are. We are a remote team, spanning across the globe. We are active across almost, every time-zone with our team and are very passionate about helping our customers get the best out of Social Media.

Antonio Lorenzo, Founder

Current Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Position: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Antonio has been a digital expert for over 10 years. Hes been apart of some large companies, and eventually started his own venture 5 years ago in the digital space.

Antonio is active on Twitter and many blogs across the web sharing his experiences.

Jason Wise, Head Publisher

Current Location: Ubud, Indonesia

Position: CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Jason Wise is a SEO nerd, hes a YouTube enthusiast and loves to help others. Hes also active X (Twitter) user.

Jason also is chief editor at Earthweb.com a technology publication.

Max Thompson, Digital Strategist

Current location: Pattaya, Thailand

Position: CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)

An active traveler with a passion for social media and technology trends, founder and CEO of HashtagsForlikes. Max has a real strong interest in helping others thrive on Social Media which is why hes apart of our team here at SidesMedia.

JeffBullas, Affiliate Marketer & Author

Current Location: Sydney, Australia

Position: CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Jeff is the founder of JeffBullas.com a social media blog which has probably been around longer than you have! With decades of experience in tech and social, you really can’t get better advice than from someone like this!

Mihai, Journalist & Content Creator

Current Location: Romania

Position: CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Mihai joined our team as a journalist and content creator back in 2021. You will find some really interesting reads about Social Media on the perspective as a journalist.

Dimitar, Creative Director

Current Location: North Macedonia

Position: COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Dimiar is our new creative director and joined the team in 2024. He brings a fresh direction to the project and is a true innovator when it comes to marketing and project management.

We also have 15 friendly full time account managers and support staff who love hearing from you everyday!