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Some people think that followers play a primary role on Instagram.

While you do need thousands of followers to be taken seriously, the bottom line is engagement. If you do not interact with Instagrammers, you will not win on Instagram.

The problem is most people don’t have the time to interact on this channel, so they turn to automation. Saving time is one of the benefits of using the best Instagram bots.

Automation plays the role of “you” when you cannot engage on Instagram. This technology is designed to attract real people who follow you and engage with you.

An Instagram bot can do almost any repetitive task you can do. Some of these tasks may include:

The key to getting this kind of engagement and keeping things under Instagram’s radar is choosing the best Instagram bots available on the market. You also need to learn how to set up your botting system, so it is uniquely you. Best Instagram Bots

Best Instagram Bots

Stellation Media

stellation media Stellation Media provides a completely managed growth services for Instagram with the goal of helping you organically grow your presence. All you do is post your great content, reply to comments and direct messages (DMs), and monitor how your follower base increases. This growth service has earned a stable record for helping their clients boost their exposure on the Instagram platform. Stellation Media’s website features client testimonials who sing their praises. They use an uncomplicated algorithm that allows you to target relevant Instagrammers who are interested in your niche.

Targeting options include geolocations, usernames, and hashtags. They are known for delivering results. Their client testimonials go beyond the average written word. They have real people touting the credibility of their services on video. From the moment you sign up for services with this company, you are assigned a qualified growth manager. These services operate 18 hours per day, and they offer a support form if you experience issues or have questions or concerns.

The cost per day to use Stellation Media is $1.67 for the lowest priced package. That is a good deal for a service that does most of the growth management work. They also offer a free 5-day trial, so you get to try it before you buy it.


FanBump is a newer Instagram growth service on the list. It already has a solid track record of helping their clients grow their Instagram presence. Their website features several testimonials of satisfied clients. This company actually developed its own software to help grow clients’ Instagram accounts.

They implement all the same targeting options as the other Instagram bots on this list. Hashtag, location, and username targeting are their options. Plus, you will be assigned your own dedicated growth manager who will monitor your Instagram growth while you concentrate on creating super content to share with your existing and new followers.

Whether you are an influencer, small business, brand, or individual, if you want to boost your Instagram presence, FanBump is certainly worth a look. They offer 100 percent secure payment processing and a standard growth package that costs $3.33 per day. FanBump is ideal for influencers and if you want a discount on services, they have options for that as well, depending on what you need.


FollowAdder doesn’t just work to increase your followers, they also fully manage your Instagram account. They strive to attract real followers who actively engage with you and your niche. Their goals are to save you time, money, and effort as you grow your Instagram account with great content and customer service where applicable. Some of the most popular features their clients boast about include:

Followadder allows you to easily get started with a 7-day free trial so you can try before you buy. They also offer a money-back guarantee. You have ample options for multiple account management, and you can request a consultation to help boost your Instagram growth strategy. If you what to grow your Instagram presence with Followeradder, the starter package is $8.33 per month and is ideal for brands, influencers, individuals, and business owners.


If you use a Windows-based computer system, Jarvee is a software dashboard you can download on to your system and start automating and scheduling posts. Not only does this program cater to Instagram, but it also services Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Pinterest. Jarvee has many highly functional features that attract customers to them, which include:

Jarvee is a convenient and safe Instagram bot to use for growing your Instagram presence. You just create great content and let the system work it for you. You will find that you get more targeted traffic to your Instagram than if you did this on your own. Their pricing structures start at $29.95 a month, which includes premium customer support and multi-functional features.

Trusy Social

Trusy Social offers organic Instagram growth delivered by a team of professionals so you get the best results for your Instagram account. Time management, budget-friendly options, and a 10-day money-back guarantee are three top reasons this service is so appealing and so popular with their clients.

Trusy Social shares its customer reviews on their website as evidence of how well they deliver as promised. Keep in mind, that results often vary depending on your targeting, content quality, and your niche. Always take any algorithm changes that might be implemented by Instagram. The monthly subscription for using Trusy Social falls in the mid-range (not too expensive and not too cheap) compared to other growth services.

Monthly rates start at $149 per month, but they have a discount for their starter package. This service is definitely worth your time to check out before choosing a growth service.


Combin is a smart tool known to skyrocket your Instagram marketing. That appears to be just how their users view their services.

Combin is confident in their services and have built a reputation of being appealing to all types of Instagrammers. Combin stands out from the crowd with their free starter package. No credit card is required to sign up and you can use the system for free, but your daily actions do have limits.

You will have plenty of time on the trial to determine if this system is worth paying for their more advanced features. The offer three bundled packages that include these features:

The free Starter Package is a good way to get started, but you will reap more benefits from investing in one of their paid packages. Combin also offers other affordable options that will not cause you to lose quality engagement.


Ingramer uses special pro-targeting filers to help you get real followers and likes. Like the others on this list, you get location, hashtag, and username targeting filters. Additionally, you can target by language and/or gender. Filters for feed comments, feed likes, and story views are also available. Simplicity is what makes this service so popular. These are the features you get with Ingramer:

The lowest package offering they have is around $1.58 a day. That includes all the above features, plus others if your goals are different. Ingramer has been in business for about seven years and is still boosting the Instagram accounts of brands, influencers, businesses, and individuals.


Anyone who wants a reputable and stable service that manages Instagram growth, Upleap is one of the best Instagram bots you will find. While they do the work of growing your Instagram, you get to create amazing content and run your business and life without worry.

This company has a credible record, according to their own client reviews, of helping customers grow their Instagram presence. If you desire an experienced service provider, Upleap is certainly one you should check out for Instagram growth.

They have a dashboard where you can easily watch your profile’s progress. They provide a secure payment process that protects your payment information. To get started, their Standard Package costs about $1.30 per day, which is less than that cup of coffee you get from your favorite coffee shop. This system is a viable deal for a company that offers fully managed Instagram growth services. If you do your research, you will find that their competitors cost an average of 2 times more. Upleap is definitely a good method for growing your Instagram account.


Organic growth is what Kicksta stands for. Their service allows you to focus on your amazing content creation while they provide you with organic Instagram growth. Their approach doesn’t rely on following and unfollowing.

They implement other methods, which are backed up by their customers in their reviews. Kicksta is honest and straightforward about what they offer and what it will cost. Kicksta provides you with a dashboard where you can monitor, track, and manage your results and a lot of help from your Customer Success Manager. Kicksta’s two plans include:

By using on the liking approach, your Instagram account is protected and more likely to see organic growth. While this method takes a bit longer, it keeps your account safe and secure. Be cautious when you see monthly guarantees because that is often code for “you will be getting fake followers.” There are just too many elements of Instagram to make guarantees and promises you cannot keep.

Sara Agency

Sara Agency works with Instagrammers who are discouraged with the time and effort it takes to reach out to new followers only to get few results. Engaging to try to grow on Instagram is one of the most challenging social media networks. SARA Agency is able to grow your Instagram presence 40 times faster than you can because it works 24/7. You will think you have your own personal social media marketer on staff. Their powerful features include:

The cost of these services starts at $1.42 per day and up and is reliant upon your needs. You get to choose from one of these three packages:

Business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands are the perfect candidates for SARA Agency’s services.

What Instagram Bots Do

Instagram bots, also called growth service, are used to automate your activities on your Instagram account. That can include likes, follows, comments, direct messages, etc. That is how you engage and appear in more Instagrammers’ activity feeds. It also boosts the number of times your content and username are seen, which results in enhancing your profile visits, website clicks, and followers.

When your account has quality content, it is easier to get engagement using automation. Automation allows you to customize your targeted audience, which generates engagement relevant to your niche. You will get more conversions that way. Conversions relate to how many followers you can convert into loyal customers on Instagram.

You will also avoid getting flagged for spam. On the flip side, an Instagrammer with boring or poor-quality content with misconfigured automated targets and filters are more likely to get flagged as a spammy bot. Nearly everyone on Instagram has experienced at least one of these unwanted interactions. It can make you glad Instagram is cracking down on that kind of engagement.

Who Uses Instagram Bots?

Why do so many Instagrammers use Instagram bots? To some, this is considered rogue marketing. However, to users, it works. It is money well spent in their opinion. The idea is not much different from manual engagement.

Most of these bots base their engagement on reciprocation. That means when you follow an account or like a post, the person with the account follows you back or likes your post. There are pros and cons to using Instagram bots, so there is much debate among some whether it is a viable method of Instagram engagement and growth. However, when you see it through the eyes of a business, this technology is very beneficial. There are some content creators that love bots, while others would like to see them all banned from the social media arena.

Individuals, business owners, brands, influencers, athletes, musicians, singers, and celebrities are among the types of Instagrammers that use Instagram bots. Not of them use this technology, but many do. It saves them time, effort, and it builds their presence faster. You are not likely to be able to spot these Instagrammers who use bots since they are using them correctly, so the engagement mimics their own actions.

Using this technology is up to you. If it is beneficial to your Instagram marketing goals, then go for it. Otherwise, if it seems less appealing to you, avoid bots.

The Benefits of Instagram Bots

Before you engage in Instagram botting services, you should know the pros and cons. First, the benefits.

The Downsides of Instagram Bots

All forms of automation in the social media realm come with some disadvantages.

Instagram Bots: Summary

The use of Instagram bots is accepted and widely used by marketers, agencies, influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike. The takeaway from this should not only be that Instagram bots speed up your Instagram growth and engagement, but that with proper use this technology can catapult your Instagram presence into popularity. When your goals are to increase your followers and enjoy active and relevant engagement, Instagram bots, when used correctly, can and will give your account the boost it needs to build a good reputation and credibility among Instagrammers.

Rules of Engagement:

If you are planning to use Instagram bots, here are some tips to keep your account safe.

Instagram bots seem like a great method for boosting your presence since this is a challenging and time-consuming network. You can stop wasting time scrolling, visiting other profiles, and trying to engage on your own. Others have boosted their presence using bots, why not you?