How to Buy YouTube Comments (Step-By-Step)

YouTube is a great social media platform for all types of creators. The network offers users the option to entertain audiences of all ages.

But succeeding on YouTube might not be that easy. One metric that influences the algorithm and motivates new viewers is the amount of YouTube comments you have.

Acquiring YouTube comments can be challenging without the option to buy YouTube comments. Purchasing comments is a great way to boost your account.

This article will cover some of the best online sites to buy YouTube comments from.

How To Buy YouTube Comments?

Buying YouTube comments might be daunting at first, but the only aspect you need to do right is to choose the best website.

Choosing a reliable and secure website is vital to acquiring success on YouTube. We researched most YouTube service providers and found that these providers differ.

We ranked the websites we researched and compiled a list of the best sites to buy YouTube comments cheap from.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube comments

These are the safest options when it comes to buying YouTube comments.

1. UseViral

Buy comments from UseViral

UseViral is undoubtedly the premier choice among online platforms for purchasing YouTube comments and a range of YouTube growth services. What sets UseViral apart is its unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction.

One of the standout features that distinguishes UseViral is its utilization of genuine commenters. 

In an age of automated and spammy interactions, UseViral’s emphasis on real users providing real comments adds a layer of credibility and engagement that is invaluable for any YouTube channel. 

Beyond comments, UseViral offers diverse options to amplify your YouTube growth. Whether you need likes, YouTube views, subscribers, or shares, UseViral’s comprehensive suite of services ensures that your channel’s engagement and visibility increase in various ways.


  • UseViral provides authentic YouTube comments from genuine users.
  • UseViral offers a wide selection of comment packages to suit various content needs.
  • The site allows for customizing comments to match video context and style.
  • UseViral offers prompt and efficient delivery of purchased comments.


  • Authentic Engagement – UseViral provides genuine YouTube comments from active users.
  • Enhanced Visibility – Comments from UseViral improve your video’s visibility in search results and recommendations.
  • Boosted Social Proof – Increased comments give the appearance of higher engagement, building social proof.


  • Relying heavily on purchased comments might hinder your channel’s ability to attract real engagement and YouTube subscribers organically.


UseViral offers the option to buy 25 YouTube comments for just $10 or 500 comments for $100.

2. SidesMedia

We are an exceptional website on the internet for purchasing YouTube comments, and we standout features make it a top choice for enhancing your YouTube presence.

We prides ourselves on providing exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team will assist you throughout your journey, promptly addressing any queries or concerns.

Offering various targeting options that allow you to tailor your purchased YouTube comments to your specific audience. 

Whether targeting a particular demographic, interest group, or geographic location, targeting options help you connect with suitable viewers.


  • SidesMedia provides comments that encourage meaningful engagement and discussions.
  • The platform ensures secure payment methods to protect customer information.
  • SidesMedia’s comments contribute to improved visibility on YouTube’s algorithm.
  • The site offers relevant and valuable comments on your video content, increasing your YouTube engagements.


  • Improved Algorithm Ranking – More comments signal YouTube’s algorithm that your content is engaging and relevant.
  • Audience Interaction – Bought organic comments encourage more viewers to join discussions and interact with your content.
  • Customizable Comments – SidesMedia allows you to customize comments to fit your video’s context.


  • Relying solely on purchased comments might hinder your ability to foster long-term, meaningful YouTube engagement with your audience.


At Sidesmedia, you can purchase bulk comments for $169.00, giving you 1000 comments. These comments will help you make a successful youtube channel.

Alternatively, you can buy 50 comments for $19.90.

3. Growthoid

Another great YouTube growth service provider for purchasing YouTube comments is Growthoid. Due to its meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach, the platform is reliable for enhancing your channel’s engagement.

Growthoid takes the time to understand your unique needs and goals. They don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, they tailor their services to match your content, target audience, and branding. 

Their commitment to providing a tailored service means that the comments you receive align with your content’s tone and purpose. 

When you choose Growthoid, you can expect prompt results. Their express delivery ensures you swiftly see the impact of purchased comments on your videos. 


  • Growthoid’s comments stimulate organic interactions among viewers.
  • The company offers competitive pricing for its comment packages ensuring they cater to all budgets.
  • The site allows for the option to buy custom YouTube comments in bulk quantities.
  • Growthoid provides customer support to address any inquiries or concerns.


  • Varied Packages – Various comment packages cater to different content needs and budgets.
  • Prompt Delivery – Growthoid ensures quick delivery of purchased comments.
  • Encourages Organic Engagement – Bought comments can stimulate genuine discussions and likes from viewers.


  • Ensuring purchased comments align with your video’s tone and content could pose moderation challenges.


Growthoid has many options regarding the number of YouTube comments, and you can buy 50 comments for $13.00 or 750 comments for $99.90.

4. Twesocial

Twesocial emerges as a reliable and beneficial platform that offers YouTube comment services, offering a range of compelling features that make it an excellent choice for boosting your YouTube channel’s engagement.

The site recognizes the importance of convenience for its customers. 

It offers various payment options, including major credit cards and secure online payment platforms, ensuring that you can choose the method that suits you best.

They provide affordable YouTube comments and transparent pricing for their services. 

Their pricing structure accommodates different budgets, making it accessible to many users, from individuals to businesses.


  • Twesocial’s comments enhance social proof, attracting more organic engagement.
  • The platform offers comments that comply with Twesocial’s community guidelines, ensuring you don’t get flagged.
  • Twesocial provides comments that improve the overall credibility of your channel.
  • The site’s comments can initiate conversations and discussions among viewers improving your channel rating.


  • Positive Channel Image – Quality comments foster a positive impression of your channel.
  • Credibility Boost – An active comment section enhances your video’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Improved SEO – More engagement can lead to higher search engine rankings for your video.


  • There’s a risk that viewers might react negatively to a sudden influx of comments, perceiving them as artificial.


Twesocial allows you to buy 300 real YouTube comments for just $39.0 or 500 for $65.9, or 750 for $99.0

5. TokUpgrade

While TokUpgrade may be the last option on our list, it’s still a noteworthy and reliable platform for purchasing YouTube comments.

TokUpgrade prides itself on providing high-quality and genuine YouTube comments. TokUpgrade carefully crafts these comments to align with your video’s content and maintain a natural flow of conversation.

They understand the importance of delivering results that meet your expectations, which is why TokUpgrade strongly emphasizes customer satisfaction. 

If you’re looking for authentic comments that resonate with your audience, TokUpgrade’s commitment to quality ensures that you receive comments that add value to your content.


  • The site allows for easy customization of comment quantity and frequency.
  • TokUpgrade offers comments that contribute to better search result rankings.
  • TokUpgrade’s comments can attract new YouTube subscribers and viewers to your channel.
  • The platform provides comments that foster a sense of community around your videos.


  • Safe and Secure – TokUpgrade ensures secure payment methods and data protection.
  • Natural Appearance – Gradual delivery makes the comments appear organic and authentic.
  • Compliance with Guidelines – Comments from TokUpgrade adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines.


  • Some may view buying comments as a questionable practice, potentially raising ethical concerns about authenticity.


TokUpgrade’s services start at $13.90 for 50 comments, and you can buy at most 2500 YouTube comments for $299.00.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Comments?

Regardless of the quality of your content, the YouTube algorithm still might not give you the attention you deserve. 

By utilizing services to buy YouTube comments, you can increase the popularity of your YouTube profile. We compiled more benefits to purchasing YouTube comments.

Algorithmic Advantage

YouTube’s algorithm places significant importance on engagement metrics like comments, likes, and shares. 

When you buy YouTube comments, you signal to the algorithm that your video generates active viewer participation.

Increased comments indicate that your content resonates with your audience and encourages interaction, leading to longer watch times and higher viewer retention. 

As a result, YouTube’s algorithm is more likely to recognize your video as relevant and valuable content, promoting it in search results, recommendations, and related videos.

This algorithmic advantage amplifies your video’s exposure, potentially attracting more organic YouTube video views and engagement.

Attracting Organic Engagement

Attracting organic engagement is a critical benefit of buying YouTube comments. When you purchase relevant and engaging comments, you create a visual appeal for your videos, encouraging genuine viewers to participate. 

You could use hashtags on your uploads, and this can help increase your reach organically. For example if you are a musician and you want to attract viewers with a similar interest you should consider using music hashtags which are unique towards your upload. This will most certainly help you reach more like minded individuals to your channel.

These organic viewers are more likely to interact with your content, share their thoughts, and engage in discussions.

The presence of real, well-crafted comments can spark curiosity among viewers, leading them to watch your video and participate in the conversation. 

This organic engagement validates your content’s value and encourages a sense of community and authenticity.

Additionally, when others see active discussions and thoughtful comments, they’re more inclined to contribute, generating a cycle of genuine interaction. 

Increased Visibility

When you purchase YouTube comments, you enhance the engagement metrics associated with your video, catching the attention of YouTube’s algorithm.

With more comments, your video will likely appear higher in search results, recommendation feeds, and related video suggestions. 

This visibility exposes your content to a broader audience, increasing the chances of attracting new viewers and subscribers. 

Additionally, increased visibility can lead to a higher click-through rate, as users are more likely to click on popular and engaging videos.

Moreover, comments serve as a form of social proof, indicating to viewers that your video is worth watching and discussing. 

As a result, buying YouTube comments enhances your video’s reach and fosters a sense of credibility and authority, which can further contribute to its success and growth on the platform.

Boosted Social Proof

Social proof is the psychological phenomenon where people tend to follow the actions of others when making decisions. 

When you purchase YouTube comments from real users, your video appears more popular and engaging to viewers.

Having a healthy number of comments attracts attention and triggers curiosity among viewers. 

They’re more likely to watch, engage, and share a video that already has an active and lively comment section. 

By strategically buying YouTube comments that are relevant and authentic, you’re kickstarting a cycle of engagement that can ultimately lead to increased subscribers, improved video rankings, and higher chances of going viral. 

What To Look For When Buying YouTube Comments?

Letting a reputable site handle your YouTube promotion and growth is essential, but choosing the correct provider might be complex.

Here are some key factors you should look for when deciding which site to use to buy YouTube comments:

Real YouTube Commenters

 When you buy real YouTube comments from services that provide real commenters, you can be sure that bots or fake accounts do not generate interactions.

Authentic engagement from real users holds significant value for your video’s credibility and the overall growth of your channel. 

Real commenters can provide insightful feedback, ask genuine questions, share personal experiences related to the content, or express their opinions. 

This interaction contributes to a vibrant and active community around your videos.

Strict Privacy Methods

Privacy is a critical aspect to consider when deciding which site to use to buy YouTube comments. Protecting your personal and professional identity is paramount in the digital landscape. 

Ensure that the chosen platform has strong privacy measures in place. Look for websites with clear privacy policies outlining how they handle your information.

Reputable sites use secure payment gateways to safeguard your financial information. Additionally, they should not disclose that the comments you receive are purchased.

High-Quality Comments

When comments are of high quality, they reflect real user engagement, signaling to viewers and YouTube’s algorithm that your content is valuable and worth engaging with. 

High-quality comments are contextually relevant, showing that users have taken the time to understand your video’s message and respond thoughtfully.

These comments can spark discussions, interactions, and debates among your audience, fostering community around your content. 

Additionally, well-written comments can attract more viewers who are intrigued by the engaging conversation taking place.

Quality Guarantee and Refunds

When considering which site to use to buy YouTube comments, the presence of guarantees and refund policies is a crucial aspect to evaluate. 

Guarantees assure that the service is confident in the quality of their comments and your satisfaction.

Refund policies offer an additional layer of security. They allow you to request a refund if the delivered comments do not meet your expectations. 

A reputable platform will outline clear terms for refund eligibility, typically based on factors like comment relevancy, quality, or delivery time.

These guarantees and refund policies indicate a commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality comments. 


In the dynamic landscape of the social media platform YouTube, where content creation and engagement go hand in hand, the decision to buy YouTube comments can significantly impact a channel’s growth and success. 

YouTube is a diverse platform for creators to share their creativity, knowledge, and entertainment with a global audience. 

The benefits of purchasing YouTube comments extend beyond mere numbers. It’s about cultivating a thriving community of engaged viewers, leveraging algorithmic advantages, and boosting social proof to attract organic engagement. 

By carefully considering our list of the best sites to buy YouTube comments and choosing a reputable site, creators can navigate this strategy to enhance their YouTube journey and harness the improve their social media marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do YouTube comments purchased from these services look authentic?

When you buy YT comments from reputable sources, they indeed appear authentic. Reputable platforms prioritize delivering high-quality, contextually relevant comments that mimic genuine user engagement. 

Reputable services employ real users to provide comments, avoiding using bots or automated scripts that often produce generic and inauthentic responses. 

How do YouTube comments contribute to the algorithm’s assessment of my video?

Quality YouTube comments significantly influence the algorithm’s assessment of your video’s relevance, engagement, and overall quality. 

The algorithm considers various engagement metrics to determine the value of a video to viewers.

When viewers take the time to leave comments, it signifies that the content has resonated with them on some level. 

Can I choose the content and tone of the comments I purchase?

Yes, when you purchase YouTube comments from reputable service providers, you can choose the content and tone of the comments you want to receive. 

This level of customization allows you to tailor the comments to match the specific context, theme, and objectives of your video content.

Do bought comments increase the chances of my video going viral?

Yes, purchased comments can increase the chances of your video going viral. When your video has more comments, it appears more engaging and popular to viewers. 

The algorithm promotes videos with higher engagement, potentially leading to more visibility, recommendations, and the opportunity to go viral.

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