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Our Buy Tumblr Likes FAQ

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The Benefits of Buying Tumblr Likes

Tumblr Likes were one of the first things that people cared about when they got onto the idea of sharing content with people through the social media sharing app. Tumblr is now ten years old, which means that Tumblr Likes are a factor that has been around for a while now, and while you might think that your Tumblr Likes don’t hold as much weight these days, the opposite is actually true. Yes, you do need to make sure that you are increasing your engagement rate, and that your likes and comments reflect how many Likes you have, but you also need to make sure that those Tumblr Likes are up there as well. The thing about Tumblr Likes is that the more you have, the more likely people are to check out what’s going on with your Tumblr profile. They will believe that you have a lot of social proof, and they will be a lot more likely to want to follow you as well. As you can see, there is merit in buying Tumblr Likes, which we are going to talk about a little bit more in depth.

Should You Buy Tumblr Likes?

If you are somebody who hasn’t been using Tumblr for too long, then you are probably struggling to find people to check out your content. You see a lot of others out there that for some reason have a lot of Likes, and you can’t work out how they have managed to achieve this. You produce high quality content, and you also make sure to upload your content on a consistent basis when most of your Likes are online. However, for some reason you can’t seem to attract as many Likes as you like. The good news is that it isn’t because you are producing low quality content – it’s because you are struggling with your Tumblr growth strategy. You know that there are ways to increase your following, but you don’t know exactly how this works. One of the best ways to get around this and to grow your following without having to do it all yourself is being able to buy Tumblr Likes. This way, you can focus more on your content, and give your audience the high quality content that they deserve.

Is it Illegal to Buy Tumblr Likes?

You will be happy to learn that it isn’t illegal to buy Tumblr Likes as long as you are making sure that the business you are working with is upfront, above board, and cares about the reputation and growth of your Tumblr profile. One of the things you need to consider is the quality of their engagement. If they are providing high quality engagement, then this is going to put your profile at risk to an extent, because Tumblr might come around and see that you are using fake Likes to increase your social proof. It is also going to be obvious to those that already follow you that you are using a shortcut with fake Likes to grow your profile, and they might end up dropping off if they think that you are being disingenuous like this. Your best bet is to use a growth service like SidesMedia to help you with your Tumblr Likes, so that you can keep your profile safe, and away from the prying eyes of Tumblr.

What About Your Reputation?

Reputation is really important when thinking about your Tumblr Likes. You might be tempted to go for the first business that you find through Google, but you need to think about your reputation first. You need to make sure that the site you are dealing with is going to offer you engagement that is going to preserve your reputation, not take away from it. Reputation is everything on a platform like Tumblr, so the more you can keep this intact, the better off you are going to be, and the more you can take care of your content.

What About the Team?

Information is vital when trying to find the best site to help you buy Tumblr Likes, especially if you are going to sign up for something that is ongoing. When something is ongoing, you need to know about the team behind the features, and who is responsible for developing the attributes to those features. Otherwise, if the site isn’t prepared to offer up this information, then you can expect them to remain elusive about other aspects of their business, like how much they really charge you when it all comes down to it, and what you can expect when it comes to customer support. Covering all of your bases is really important before you have signed anything.

What About Customer Support?

Customer support is everything. If you don’t have customer support, then you aren’t going to have a good experience with a service. It’s just how the industry works. Here at SidesMedia, we really think it’s important for our clients to have a good experience with every facet of our features, including our customer support. This is why we have invested time and money into our customer care team, so that you can feel confident that if something were to go wrong with the service, you are going to be able to communicate directly with them.

When Can I Expect Delivery?

Here at SidesMedia we have a really good delivery time. We are going to start the process of sending you through your engagement as soon as you pay for your features, and then you are going to be able to start receiving your Tumblr Likes within just a few hours. There are other businesses out there that take a few days and sometimes even a week to get your Tumblr Likes over to you, and we know that when time is money, this is simply too long for you to wait. It’s going to be much better to go with our features, where we can guarantee a good turnaround time for you.

What’s the Big Deal with Tumblr Likes?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Tumblr Likes are a pretty inherent part of your engagement strategy.

However, if you had been with Tumblr since the beginning, you might have cared about your Tumblr Likes back then, but these days, you are more focused on your likes, comments, and views.

Every day, you post something creative on your Tumblr feed, and wait in anticipation as you watch people interact with your posts, liking and commenting on them.

You don’t want to go back to your profile to look at how many Likes you have, and to be honest, knowing how many people are unfollowing you is unsettling.

You would much rather focus on all the interaction you are getting on your content, because you think that this is the most important part of Tumblr now. Don’t get us wrong, it is definitely an important part, but it isn’t everything. In fact, your Tumblr Likes are as relevant as they were in the beginning, and they are still a big part of your engagement rate.

When people come and visit your profile for the first time, your Tumblr Likes are still one of the first things they see. If they see that you don’t have too many Tumblr Likes, then they might wonder what you’re doing wrong, and they might not be encouraged to follow you.

This is a split-second moment in their day, and it determines whether they make a long-term decision about following your account or not. So, your Tumblr Likes are still a big deal, and you still need to take them into account when thinking about your engagement rate.

Why People Buy Tumblr Likes

So, how do people go to buying their Tumblr Likes from realizing that their Tumblr Likes are important? Well, as far as we can tell, we think that the biggest reason for it is convenience and time.

At the end of the day, you could spend all day sitting around and trying to encourage people to follow your Tumblr profile, or, you could get someone else to do this for you, and you could focus on making sure that your content is good enough that people are going to want to follow you automatically.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to outsource their Tumblr Likes these days is convenience. Most people hold down a day job still, and don’t have the time to sit around and find people to interact with their profile and follow them for a long time.

Being able to buy their Tumblr Likes is a quickfire way to make sure that they have the follower count that they need to increase their profiles credibility, and they don’t have to dedicate all their spare time to it. Another reason why people choose to buy their Tumblr Likes is to save time and ultimately to save money.

The thing about buying Tumblr Likes is that there are lots of companies out there that can help you buy them affordably, which means that it is one of the most effective engagement strategies in the business. You could spend a lot of time manually doing everything yourself, or you could pay an initial expense and watch your brand get a return on that expense time and again over the next few months.

What’s Wrong with Fake Tumblr Likes, and Why You Should Avoid Them

So, we have probably convinced you at this point that it’s worth at least considering buying your Tumblr Likes, and you probably love the idea of making the process as quick and easy as possible.

This is why you might be tempted to get onto Google and do a quick Google search around being able to buy Tumblr Likes, and going for the first company that comes up.

You don’t even really care about what their website looks like, or the substance of their packages, you just want to find a company that can send you Tumblr Likes that are going to make your profile look really good, right now.

However, we have to stop you right there, and ask that you proceed with caution. The thing is is that there are lots of companies out there that are low-quality, scam companies that are only offering their clients fake Likes. Fake Likes are Tumblr Likes that have fake profiles behind them, which means that they serve no purpose but to make your follower count look good. Yes, this does mean overnight success, but that is literally how long you will be successful; overnight.

Beyond this, your Tumblr profile’s credibility will not change at all, neither will your engagement rate. In fact, fake Likes also come with a low retention rate, which means that they will probably drop off again after a couple of days. This is going to look really suspicious to people who already follow you, and they will wonder what shortcuts you are taking to try and grow your account successfully.

At the end of the day, fake Likes do offer clients a quick fix, but ultimately, it’s not worth your time, and it’s certainly not going to cultivate a sustainable engagement strategy for your Tumblr profile.

What a Scam Company Looks Like

So, since we have been talking about fake Tumblr Likes, let’s discuss what a scam company looks like, so that you know what to avoid. Remember, there are plenty of these out there, so you definitely have to have your wits about you. A scam company is going to offer their clients instant delivery when it comes to their Likes, as well as a low fee.

They will most likely show you their fees in the beginning, which is definitely a good thing, but they will be next to nothing. You will probably be thinking that you have come across a really great deal, but the truth is, you are getting a great deal because their Tumblr Likes are low quality.

They are also able to provide you with instant delivery because they spend no time on the quality of their Likes and are just sending you fake engagement. Let’s discuss the pricing aspect of this a little bit more in-depth. When it comes to pricing, those rates are so low again because the quality of the features are low.

Yes, we understand that you probably don’t have a lot in your budget right now to spare on your Tumblr Likes, but we highly encourage that you spend a little bit more than you are comfortable with right now to get the results that you really want, because this is going to take care of your Tumblr for a lot longer than fake Likes are.

Another thing that an Tumblr company is going to struggle to produce is real reviews from existing clients. They won’t have any existing clients that have had a good experience with them, so they won’t have any positive reviews on their website. And if they do, they will more than likely be falsified.

What a Legit Company Looks Like

So, now that we have gotten through the bad part, let’s talk about the good side of buying your Tumblr Likes.

Again, as we mentioned, there are plenty of companies out there that do have your best interests at heart and are willing to sell you high-quality Tumblr Likes that are going to nurture and sustain your account for a long time.

Companies like this will have a good level of security around their website, ensuring that you can safely pay your way without compromising any sensitive information.

You will also be able to share any personal information that you want through their encrypted web pages, and not worry about hackers getting through the firewall. Another sign of a legit company is that they have a lot of information about their team, and about how their services work.

The last thing you that you want to do is connect with a company that doesn’t have this kind of information for their clients and you can’t really seem to get to know them before you register for anything. A legit company will want to know their clients are comfortable and confident about their features, and they will also want to spend time getting to know them before they register for anything.

They will be upfront and honest about what they are providing their existing clients and will go out of their way to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, so that there are no surprises. Speaking of accountability, companies that are legit will also have a form that you are required to fill out that allows them to learn information like your phone number and email address.

These they can keep on file, so they can easily get in touch with you in the future about any updates to their features. Here at SidesMedia, we have some of the highest quality Tumblr Likes you can find out there. Check them out today!

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