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Should You Buy Instagram Likes? The Good and the Bad

If you don’t have an Instagram profile at this point, then we would be pretty surprised. Instagram was one of the first social media networks to launch back in the day, and ever since it got its start, it’s growing exponentially in popularity. These days, there are now millions of people that visit the social media sharing app every month, and while a lot of these people are looking for influencers to follow and look up to, a lot of them are also looking to become an influencer themselves.

Again, back in the day when Instagram first came onto the scene, it was all about being able to share creative content with your closest friends and family. However, this has completely changed, and since then Instagram has developed a way for brands to utilize its platform through social media marketing. Social media marketing is now one of the biggest ways that brands market their products, and it’s also how influencers out there make their money. Practically everything on Instagram can be monetized, which gives you unlimited potential in terms of turning your content into a full-time job.

However, the landscape is difficult to navigate, to say the least. Instagram has gotten so competitive over the years that it’s almost impossible to stand out and find a way to give your content an edge so that you are successful. Influencers that have gone before you have managed to slip through the cracks somehow, but for the most part becoming successful on Instagram is like winning the lottery – it is highly unlikely that you will succeed. This is why a lot of people these days choose to outsource many aspects of their Instagram engagement, including their Instagram likes. There are plenty of professional services out there that can help you with this side of things.

The Upsides to Buying Your Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes

Gives You a Chance to Stand Out Against the Algorithm

Instagram Algorithm

One of the biggest features that Instagram has developed over recent years has been their algorithm. Back in the day, Instagram had no incentive to recommend profiles to new users, as it was small enough that people could find what they were looking for. Now, they have developed a system where they can recommend new content to people, and they use an algorithm to determine who they rank.

Naturally, they’re going to gravitate towards profiles that have a lot of engagement on their content, and a lot of existing followers. They tend to forget about the smaller profiles, because they don’t have a lot of social proof, and they don’t think they’re worth recommending to new people. This makes it really difficult for people who are trying to get their start on Instagram to find a way to expand their content’s visibility. If you want to beat the algorithm, and stand out in ways that your competition can’t, then we suggest you buy your Instagram likes.

Gives You Social Proof

The entire concept of Instagram’s algorithm favoring people who have a lot of interaction on their feed is centered around social proof. Social proof is the idea that people want to be where other people are on the Internet. Just like in real life, when you see a crowd, or you know of an event that a lot of people want to go to, you will also want to attend it. The same goes for Instagram. If you have heard of a profile that has millions of followers, and a lot of engagement on its content, then you are highly likely to want to check it out right? You’re not so likely to want to go and check out someone’s profile if they’ve only got a few thousand followers.

When you buy your Instagram likes, you can quickly increase your Instagram profile’s social proof. This means that people will take you a lot more seriously in your niche and see you as an authority in that industry. They will be more likely to interact with your content, and to even share it with those they know. Social proof is the bread and butter of Instagram, and if you don’t have a lot of it, then you are going to struggle to get anywhere anytime soon.

You Get a Shot Against the Big Guns

We mentioned earlier that a lot of brands these days are making the most of social media marketing, particularly on Instagram. They understand the merit of creating an Instagram profile, and sharing content related to their product or service that is going to get people hyped about their brand. The trouble with this is that that they are your direct competition, yet they have a much larger marketing budget to dedicate to their Instagram profile’s growth.

If you want to find a way to beat the competition and get your content ahead of similar brands within your niche, then we suggest that you buy your Instagram likes. The more likes you have on your content, the more seriously Instagram is going to take you, and they will start to prioritize your profile above others out there. Honestly, the more brands that decide to make the most of Instagram for social media marketing, the more you need to outsource your Instagram likes to a company.

Helps With Your Channel’s Growth


We don’t think that we’ve met anyone out there who says they are more than happy to sit around and wait for their Instagram profile to grow over the years. There might be a few hundred people in every industry that are happy to just let their Instagram profile do its thing, and they aren’t actually worried about how many people see their content, but we know that these kinds of people are few and far between.

Whether you are an up-and-coming brand, or you want to someday be an influencer who can collaborate with your favorite companies, then you need to fast track the growth of your channel. If your channel isn’t growing fast enough, then it’s quickly going to be left behind, and that window of opportunity is going to get smaller and smaller.

The reality here is that the majority of those influencers you look up to and want to be like one day have at some point in their Instagram career made the most of outsourcing their Instagram likes. Unless you are an existing celebrity, and you are known for something else other than Instagram, we really don’t see any other way of fast forwarding your channel’s growth, so that you can reach success a lot faster.

The Downsides to Buying Cheap Instagram Likes


With every upside there is a downside, and we wouldn’t be honest with you if we told you that purchasing your Instagram likes is nothing but sunshine and rainbows. Just like any service or product out there, you are always going to come across brands that are trying to rip you off and aren’t prepared to keep your Instagram’s reputation safe. There are even some companies out there whose only goal is to rip off their clients.

If you have heard of someone having a terrible experience with a company like this, then let’s take a look at the downsides to purchasing your Instagram likes.

Lack of Quality

Because this industry is largely unregulated, there are lots of companies out there that don’t put a lot of effort into the quality of their Instagram likes. They just want to get them off the shelves, and they really don’t care about how they interact with their client’s content. We highly recommend that you stay away from engagement like this, as it is only going to put your profile at risk of being suspended or shut down. High-quality likes will stay on your content and appear as natural as possible.



One of the biggest things to consider when deciding whether a company is legit or not is the price. If a company is prepared to let go of their Instagram likes for next to nothing, then consider this a big red flag. Companies that actually put time and effort into the quality of their Instagram likes will have to charge their clients a little bit more. However, we believe that this investment is worth it in the long run, as these likes are going to be a lot more sustainable for your account.

The Best Site to Buy Instagram Likes

Now that we have gone through the upsides and downsides of buying your Instagram likes and what you need to consider in a company before you decide whether to use it or not, it’s completely up to you to determine whether this is a good way forward for your Instagram profile or not.

We recommend that you check out the packages we have above here at SidesMedia. We are a high-quality, reputable Instagram likes service that provides our clients with the best engagement there is. We know that you want to protect your Instagram’s reputation, and grow it for a long time to come. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any initial queries!