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Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

On social media, in order to be taken seriously, you’ve got to have a strong reputation and a good level of authority, which usually means having a lot of likes and followers. Facebook is no exception, and the more Facebook likes you have, the more that you can expect to achieve through the platform and better you’ll be in terms of brand, business, influencer, or creative performance.

How can you get more Facebook likes, and how can you decide if buying them is a good option for you? There are plenty of companies out there trying to sell them, so how can you choose?

Since Facebook is extremely popular, many companies have emerged claiming that you can buy Facebook likes that will help your account, but unfortunately many companies are selling low-quality or fake Facebook likes, which actually can hurt you.

Buying Facebook likes that help your account is possible, but you’ve got to understand the overall implications before you can make a final decision on how and where to buy. First, let’s take a look at what fake Facebook likes can do to your account. 

The Danger of Fake Facebook Likes

Fake Followers

When you buy fake Facebook likes, they’ll actually hurt your reputation and can even make you look desperate and less credible. If you have thousands of Facebook likes but have low views, likes, and comments, something will look fishy and people will write you off.

You need to have balanced levels of engagements to match your follower count. Users can detect this, so buying fake Facebook likes that are nothing more than a number don’t help your social proof or reputation at all.

Not only that, Facebook does regular sweeps of their platform and will remove any fake accounts that are taking up space on Facebook in order to uphold the integrity of their platform. If you buy fake Facebook likes and they all get removed, you’ve basically thrown away your money. 

Should I Buy Facebook Likes?


So, can you actually buy Facebook likes that have positive effects on your Facebook performance? Yes, you definitely can, and it is a true and viable option to help your Facebook growth.

The key, then, is to know how to choose the best company and then you can enjoy the benefits of real Facebook likes. Let’s see exactly what benefits buying real Facebook likes will have on your account. 

Benefits of Buying Facebook Likes


Believe it or not, there are plenty of benefits to buying Facebook Likes. Let’s see exactly what you can expect when you do so

Facebook Likes Build Your Credibility and Reputation

When you have a lot of likes on Facebook, you will have more influence over users on the platform. Because people are always seeking to be a part of what is popular, when you have more Facebook Likes, users will want to be a part of your community and are likely to follow you

So, basically likes create more likes. This is a general fact on pretty much any social media platform out there, and the more real followers and engagement you have, the more followers and engagement you will get due to a higher level of credibility and reputation.

Even if your Facebook content is some of the best on the entire platform, if you can’t get people to see it and you can’t get people to follow you, you won’t be able to gain more likes consistently over time. You need that base to help generate more interest and traffic on Facebook. 

Having More Facebook Likes Helps You Compete

There are plenty of big names and big brands out there who have joined Facebook with ease— because they have a huge name behind them, they’re able to gain Facebook Likes and viewers almost instantly. Normal people, however, don’t have that luxury, so it isn’t really fair when big brands and celebrities come and take away viewers for others.

So, buying Facebook likes can be a good way to navigate this issue and allow you to get more Facebook likes to boost your reputation and compete against these popular accounts. You’re not going to be able to beat out these bigger brands and influencers without it.

In addition to buying likes, you have got to come up with inspired and creative content that gives yourself a unique voice and presence on Facebook. Otherwise, it’ll be tough to compete against established platforms that have a lot of viewers.

Buy Facebook likes and work on your content offerings and you’ll be competing and maybe even partnering with these bigtime names in no time! 

You Can Speed up the Growth of Your Facebook

Speed Growth

As we said earlier, likes bring more likes, so when you buy Facebook likes, you’re getting the ball rolling for others to come in and follow you.

If you have hardly any likes, you’re not likely to gain more. If you’re already establishing yourself with a pretty healthy follower count and have interesting content, people will be much more likely to follow you.

In addition to naturally perpetuating more followers through numbers, buying Facebook likes can help you to save time and get working on content production, which will ultimately help you gain more followers because you’ll have something unique and entertaining created and a well-established profile with a lot of content.

More Facebook likes = Better Algorithm Performance

The Facebook algorithm is a bit of a mystery, but it’s very powerful in determining which videos people watch. It basically tracks the actions and preferences of users on the platform and that’s how it determines which videos are popular, which ones should be recommended, and which ones will get left behind.

Having more Facebook likes and views helps your account remain competitive in terms of the algorithm and can get your video shared to more users. 

The Disadvantages of Fake Facebook Likes


Now that we’ve seen some awesome benefits when you buy real Facebook likes, you’ve got to be aware that many companies will try to scam you and will provide fake followers that can really hurt your account.

These are the downsides that can curse your account if you buy low-quality Facebook likes, so avoid them at all cost. 

Facebook Likes Quality

When you have low-quality Facebook  likes, your account is at risk of being deemed a spam account, and you could even potentially be hacked or get your data stolen from one of these fake accounts.

In addition, Facebook can detect these fake likes, and even more so if 

they bring bot accounts to your profile that disrupt the Facebook user experience, so you must avoid these at all costs. Low-quality and bot Facebook likes are cleared out and sometimes punishable by Facebook, so don’t put your account in jeopardy

Poor Engagement Ratio

Social Engagement

If you have 20k likes on Facebook and only 10k video views, something’s not right. If you’ve got 40k likes on Facebook and an average of 30 likes per video, something’s off. Users are really adept at noticing these discrepancies, and your account will look pretty pathetic if you’re not able to keep your engagement ratios up.

This isn’t typically a problem with real Facebook likes because even if you have a lower engagement rate, the gap won’t be as large as if you buy fake Facebook likes— that’s when users really start to notice and they won’t take you seriously.

What’s more, if you’re trying to become an influencer or gain partnerships, you can forget it— your likes to engagement ratio must be healthy and outstanding. Partners and sponsors won’t work with accounts that buy fake likes. 

Pricing and Investment Loss


While most Facebook services that sell fake followers are really cheap, some of them aren’t, and you can end up wasting a lot of money. You have to think about it like this: if a company sells a lot of very cheap (fake) Facebook likes, they still make a lot of money because people want the cheapest option.

Don’t take this route; remember the saying, “you get what you pay for.” It’s worth it to pay a bit more for real Facebook likes that will benefit your account rather than buy a bunch of cheap fakes that will hurt you.

Some fake companies will try to charge you more, but you’ll have to do your research and make sure you pay attention to what the company is offering before you buy. 

How to Choose the Right Company to Buy Facebook likes

There are a few things you can look for when deciding to buy Facebook likes from a company; these signs will help you to identify whether or not they are legit:

  • Secure site and payment gateways
  • Visible pricing
  • FAQ page
  • Information about their service
  • High-quality likes
  • Guarantee or refund policy
  • Real reviews

These are just some of the factors that you can look for when deciding if a company is reputable like SidesMedia. Generally speaking, the more information on the company’s website, the better, and check out user reviews. Make sure the site is secure. Look at their FAQ page. If they don’t offer a lot of info and have a bunch of buzzwords to try and sell you something, avoid.

Happy buying!