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What’s the Big Deal with Facebook Followers?

Back in the day, you probably used Facebook to chat with your high school buddies and share funny memes and cat photos. Then, Facebook turned into an annoying place where your mom was on all the time, not only posting images of the latest craft that she had made but making inappropriate comments on your posts. 

You started to see Facebook as the grandma of social media sites, and you thought that you would move on to the likes of Instagram and Twitter. 

However, Facebook has made a relatively big comeback over the last few years. Yes, moms all around the world still love to helicopter parent their children on Facebook, but it is also an excellent source of social media marketing. 

If you have a brand online, then you definitely need to have it on Facebook as well. Facebook makes it really easy to create a Facebook business page, so that you can put your logo as the header, include an image of your products as your profile picture, and invite people to check out your website. It is free, it is easy, and lots of people are doing it.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a straightforward road to success. Even if you have been on Facebook for a while with your brand, you might be experiencing a bit of a lull at this point. 

This is because Facebook isn’t a stagnant thing; it is a fluid, moving entity that is constantly changing. 

IFacebook has an algorithm that is used to constantly work out which Facebook business pages to promote, and which not to, and then you’ve got the complexity of Facebook ads as well. f you have a Facebook business page, and you aren’t currently paying for Facebook ads, then you are going to go down the ranks in terms of priority. This is where having a lot of Facebook followers is really important. 

The more Facebook followers you have, the more credence is given to your Facebook business page, and the more seriously your audience is going to take you. However, if you want to stick it to the man, and not pay Facebook for Facebook ads, then you’re probably going to struggle with getting more Facebook followers. This is where buying Facebook followers comes in handy.

Why Buy Facebook Followers?

Being able to buy Facebook followers puts the power back in your hands and gives you the ability to grow your Facebook business page without having to rely solely on Facebook’s marketing strategies. A lot of the time, Facebook charges a lot of money for their Facebook ads, which don’t actually end up putting your content in front of the best people for it. 

Sometimes, they are able to, but the number of clicks that you get through to your page doesn’t reflect how much money you are spending on them. 

This is where buying Facebook followers comes in. Finding a company that has a good reputation that is able to help you find the Facebook followers you need based on your industry and niche is invaluable, and a legit way to really get ahead in the Facebook growth game. 

However, just like everything on the Internet, this process is not straightforward, and if you end up with a company that is just trying to make a bit of money off you, it could end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

What is a Fake Facebook Follower, and Why Should You Avoid it?

Fake Follower

Enter the fake Facebook follower. Because there has been an explosion in the market of companies that can help you buy Facebook followers for your business page, there has also been an explosion in the market of companies that want to sell you low-quality engagement, for a good price. 

The thing that you need to know about the social media marketing industry is that for the most part, you pay for what you get. This means that if you come across a company that has pricing that you think is too good to be true, then sadly, it most likely is.

They are more than likely selling their clients fake Facebook followers. A fake Facebook follower is either an inactive follower, a ghost follower, or an automated bot that has been set up to automatically interact with your content, which is immediately going to raise Facebook’s suspicions. 

A fake Facebook follower is one that has been created by a company for the purposes of interacting with your content, and while they might make your business page look good temporarily, in the long run, they’re going to end up eventually ruining your reputation.

Facebook is constantly on the lookout for fake engagement, and companies that are taking shortcuts like this to try and increase their credibility quickly. If they discover that you are using this approach and buying Facebook followers, then there’s a very real chance that they will suspend or even ban your account. 

Even if they don’t, it’s going to be really obvious to people who come and visit your business page that you are paying for fake engagement, and they won’t really want to hang around. We know that it can be really tempting to find a company where you can pay less, especially in the beginning when your budget is small, but we have to highly recommend that you avoid fake Facebook followers.

What to Avoid When Buying Facebook Followers

So, the easiest way to determine which companies are just trying to take advantage of you is to talk about what to avoid when buying Facebook followers. The first thing you need to avoid is a company that is selling their clients low-quality engagement. 

You will be able to tell if they are selling their clients low-quality engagement, because they will be able to promise a specific number of followers, and they will most likely also be able to promise instant delivery. A company that has high-quality followers is going to need a little bit of time on their end to arrange these for you, so you will need to set your delivery expectations at one to three days.

Another thing to avoid when buying Facebook followers is a company that is providing their clients with a low engagement ratio. When you are receiving legit followers from a company, they should immediately be able to increase your engagement ratio. 

The followers should not only make your Facebook business page look good in terms of numbers, but they should also be liking and commenting on your posts as you publish them. If the engagement has a low engagement ratio, then you are most likely working with a company that isn’t legit.

We will just briefly go over once more the pricing situation, when it comes to what you need to avoid in terms of a company that isn’t legit.

Of course, you want to avoid companies that are offering their clients bottom-of-the-barrel rates, but it’s also worth remembering that there are some companies out there that are cheeky enough to charge their clients a normal or even high rate for low-quality followers. If you have a gut feeling about the price in general, then it’s probably best to avoid the company.

What a Legit Company Looks Like

So, with all of this in mind, what do we think a legit company looks like in terms of buying Facebook followers? Well, we think that a legit company is going to secure their website with HTTPS. They are also going to encrypt their payment gateways, so that you can safely pay through their website, without compromising any personal details. 

They are also going to make sure that they are upfront and honest with their clients about pricing and will include a lot of information about their services on their website, so there’s no doubt in your mind as to what you’re getting yourself into.

They will guarantee the quality of their features, or your money back, and they will also have quite a few positive reviews from existing clients. Companies that are legit and have a good relationship with their clients don’t struggle to get good reviews about their features that they can put on their website. 

We also think that it is really important for a company to have a fair amount of information on their website about how you can get in touch with them, and a high level of customer support. 

At the end of the day, you are signing up for an ongoing service, so if it is difficult to get in touch with the company about this service, and then consider this a big red flag. 

Legit companies will go out of their way to make it easy for their clients to connect with them, so that you can feel confident that they will have your back in the future, if anything went wrong with their services. Don’t forget to buy Facebook followers here at SidesMedia, and good luck!