10 Best YouTube Bots for Boosting Views, Likes & Subscribers

best YouTube bots

Getting famous on YouTube is not easy…

…People often give up.

But what can you do?

You can use the best YouTube Bots!

I tested 52 different services that provide YouTube bots and made a list of the top 10 best ones.

Let’s jump right in!

Top 10 Best YouTube Bots Providers

Quick Answer: UseViral is hands down the best service. They have 10 years of experience, the biggest targeting options, and are a reputable, established provider.


UseViral best YouTube bot

UseViral shines as the best YouTube bots provider. It offers a quick channel boost by instantly raising your subscriber count. This rapid rise can catapult you toward the coveted 1,000-subscriber threshold, a prerequisite for YouTube monetization. 

UseViral’s effectiveness is its simplicity in action – a straightforward solution for anyone aiming to gain an edge in the YouTube sphere. 

With no convoluted digital jargon, it’s about immediate results, simplifying the path to channel success. 

When seeking to amplify your YouTube presence efficiently, UseViral stands as a beacon, providing the vital push needed to reach the monetization milestone.



  • They don’t accept crypto payments yet. 


SidesMedia is the second-best site for buying the best YouTube bots. 

These bots have pros and cons. On the plus side, they can help promote your content to a broader audience, giving your videos a chance to shine. 

Selfie promoting YouTube Bot

Plus, they can make your channel look more trustworthy to new viewers. However, there’s a downside. 

You might become too reliant on these bots, which isn’t suitable for long-term success. 

So, while they can be helpful tools, it’s essential not to depend on them entirely. Finding the right balance is the key to making the most of YouTube bot services.


  • Content Promotion – Promote your videos to a larger audience.
  • Boosted Credibility – Appear more credible to new viewers.
  • Helps you increase your YouTube watch hours


  • Easily Dependable – Chance you get used to using Bots.


When it comes to sites selling YouTube bots, Growthoid stands out. Simple and effective. 

Here’s why. More subscribers often mean more likes and comments, boosting your videos. 

Brands might notice your growing numbers and want to partner with you. It’s like opening doors to sponsorship deals. 

But there’s a catch. 

These subscribers might not stick around for long. They’re not your lifelong fans. So, while you get a quick boost, remember building a real audience takes time and genuine connections. 

Growthoid’s bots can give you a head start, but the real journey is creating content that keeps viewers coming back for more.


  • Increased Engagement – A higher subscriber count often means more free YouTube engagement.
  • Attract Sponsors – Brands may be more interested in partnerships.


  • Potentially Temporary Gain – Subscribers may not be long-term fans.

Buy YouTube Views from Growthoid


Twesocial, our fourth contender, offers a competitive edge. Your channel can stand out in its niche, gaining an upper hand in the vast sea of content. 

This translates to increased content exposure. Your videos reach more people, garnering a wider audience. 

Twesocial streamlines the path to visibility, helping your content shine brighter without delving into complicated jargon. 

It’s about real results, real engagement, and a chance to make your channel thrive.


  • Competitive Edge – Stand out in your niche.
  • Content Exposure – Your videos reach more people.


  • Content Expectations – High subscriber counts may raise content expectations.


TokUpgrade is the fifth option for buying YouTube subscriber bots. 

They offer a way to save time and skip the lengthy process of gathering subscribers naturally. Here’s the deal: by using these sites, you can get a bunch of YouTube subscriber bots to boost your numbers. 

What’s neat is you can customize this; pick the number of bots you want. This can make your channel look more popular quickly. 

But remember, while these bots can give you a little push, focusing on real, engaged viewers for genuine success is still essential. So, it’s like having a shortcut, but real folks still matter most.


  • Save Time – Avoid the lengthy process of gaining subscribers organically.
  • Customization – Choose the number of bots you want.


  • Unpredictable Retention – Some subscribers might not stay.

Social Viral

Social Viral service makes your channel look more popular by increasing your bot count, which can attract real subscribers.

 Social Viral also offers bots from different regions, broadening your viewer base globally. This global reach can be advantageous if your content has broad appeal. 

More bots can mean better social proof, showing potential subscribers that your channel is buzzing with activity. 

This boost can help your channel gain traction more quickly. Just remember that while bots can boost your numbers, they don’t provide the genuine engagement that real viewers do.


  • Global Reach – Buy bots from different regions for diverse viewers.
  • Improved Social Proof – Appear more popular to potential subscribers.


  • Financial Cost – Buying bots can be expensive.

Media Mister

Media Mister is a great option to choose when buying YouTube subscriber bots. 

These bots promise faster YouTube growth for your channel, making your videos more visible and increasing your chances of appearing in search results. 

But be cautious, as there are cons, too. YouTube has algorithms that can spot artificial YouTube growth, and using bots might lead to penalties for your channel. 

In simple terms, while these bots offer quick results, there’s a risk of YouTube taking action against your channel. 

So, it’s essential to consider the potential consequences before using Media Mister.


  • Faster YouTube Growth – Speed up your channel’s growth.
  • Enhanced Visibility – Appear in more search results.


  • Algorithmic Penalties – YouTube could penalize your YouTube channel.


Thunderclap.it, our seventh service, can supercharge your YouTube presence. It’s all about getting more eyeballs on your videos. 

With Thunderclap, you can increase your YouTube video views; more subscribers often mean more views. That’s a win-win. 

Not only that, but it can elevate your ranking on YouTube. Your content becomes more noticeable. 

However, there’s a catch – inorganic YouTube growth. This means your subscribers might not be as engaged. It’s like having a big party where not everyone is as interested in the conversation. 

So, while Thunderclap can boost your numbers, balancing quantity with quality is essential to ensure a thriving YouTube channel.


  • Increase YouTube Video Views – More subscribers often result in more views.
  • Higher Ranking – Improve your position on YouTube.


  • Inorganic Growth – This may lead to fewer engaged viewers.

Social Tradia

When it comes to sites that sell YouTube bots, Social Tradia stands as the ninth option.

What’s the deal? 

Well, boosting your online reputation is a big win for the pros. You get to look like a pro in your niche, which can attract real viewers. 

These bot subscribers might also stick around for the long haul, giving your content more views and likes. 

But there’s a catch. Buying subscribers this way can ruffle some feathers in the YouTube community. It might make real viewers wonder if your success is real. 

So, while it can amp up your numbers, it might dent that all-important trust factor.


  • Strengthened Online Reputation – Appear as an authority in your niche.
  • Long-Term Benefits – Subscribers can keep engaging with your content.


  • Community Trust – Purchasing subscribers can damage trust.


When it comes to sites that offer YouTube bots, QQTube is in the spotlight. With a focus on your content, QQTube lets you spend more time creating YouTube videos. 

This means less hassle with growing your subscriber count. Having more subscribers upfront can also help keep your real audience engaged. However, there’s a catch. There’s a risk of fake bots. 

These bots might not be the real deal, or they might not be active. 

So, while QQTube can boost your YouTube channel, watch out for these not-so-genuine bots. It’s a way to get ahead, but be cautious about what you’re getting.


  • Focus on Content – Spend more time on video creation.
  • Enhanced Subscriber Retention – A higher initial count can help retain organic subscribers.


  • Risk of Fake bots – bots may not be genuine or active.


When it comes to services that offer YouTube bots, StormViews is one to consider. 

They stand out because they’re budget-friendly, making them a good choice if you watch your wallet. 

These bots are quite versatile, too, meaning you can use them in various ways to boost your YouTube presence. 

However, there’s a catch – these are non-login bots. You won’t be able to log in using them. 

So, while they’re affordable and flexible, you’ll have to weigh that against the fact that you can’t use them to log in. 

Make sure they fit your needs before giving them a go.


  • Best Budget – StormViews has the cheapest YouTube bots.
  • Versatility – You can use these bots however you like. 


  • Non-Login Bots – You can’t log in.

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy, the second to last service in our discussion, offers a straightforward approach to YouTube bot services. It’s both a pro and a con, depending on your needs. 

On the positive side, Tube Buddy is among the most uncomplicated options. 

It doesn’t offer many targeting options, but this can be a plus for those who prefer a simpler, more direct service. 

However, simplicity comes at a price, quite literally. 

Tube Buddy tends to be pricier compared to other services in this category. 

So, while it might be the most straightforward choice, it’s essential to weigh this against the cost, especially when considering your budget and specific targeting requirements.


  • Limited Targeting – Not many targeting options.
  • Most Simple Service – The simplest of all services.


  • Costly – Higher costs compared to other services.


Regarding websites buying YouTube bots, FollowingLike is the last service to consider. 

On the good side, they offer bigger packages than others. 

This can be helpful if you need a lot of bots for your YouTube. 

But there’s a downside too. FollowingLike doesn’t give away free bots, so you’ll need to pay for all of them. 

If you want to boost your YouTube presence with bots, be ready to invest, as they don’t offer freebies. 

So, it’s a big package with a price at FollowingLike for YouTube bot seekers.


  • Big Packages – FollowingLikes offers the biggest packages of all providers.


  • No Free Bots – You can’t get free bots with FollowingLike.


When buying YouTube bots, Jarvee offers a service, but it’s important to note that it’s not your top-tier choice. 

They provide helpful tutorials, making the process easier for you. However, there’s a downside. 

Jarvee doesn’t have the best reputation; in fact, it’s known for not being very reputable and has collected some negative reviews. 

This lack of trustworthiness might make you think twice before using their services. 

So, while they have their pluses, you should approach Jarvee cautiously and consider more reliable options when you’re in the market for YouTube bots.


  • Easy Tutorials – Jarvee has easy tutorials to help with your purchase.


  • Not Very Reputable – Jarvee struggles with reputation and bad reviews. 

YT Monster

YT Monster has solidified its reputation as one of the best YouTube bot providers. 

Its wide range of YouTube promotional services, including views, likes, comments, and subscribers, sets it apart. This diversity allows users to customize their approach to meet specific needs.

The user-friendly social media platforms simplifies acquiring bots, making it accessible for beginners and experienced users. Importantly, YT Monster is known for delivering high-quality bots that appear realistic. 

This authenticity is vital to avoid arousing suspicion from YouTube’s algorithms, ultimately ensuring the safety of your YouTube channel.


Promolta is another YouTube botting software that has a unique approach to boosting your YouTube channel’s visibility. 

Instead of offering traditional YouTube view bot services like views and likes, Promolta focuses on promoting your YouTube videos across an extensive network of websites, blogs, and social media platforms. 

This method is known as content promotion.

Promolta’s services expose your videos to a broader, more diverse audience, which can lead to organic growth. 

It’s not about artificial numbers; it’s about genuine viewers discovering your content. This approach can increase watch time, more subscribers, and better engagement.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Bots?

Buying YouTube bots from reputable sources can be considered a relatively safe process, provided you take the necessary precautions. 

These precautions involve selecting a trustworthy provider and understanding the social media platforms terms and policies.

Reputable providers ensure that their YouTube bots are legitimate and compliant with YouTube’s terms of service. These bots often come with features such as established channel names, profile pictures, and existing video content. They can save you the trouble of building a channel from scratch.

However, it’s essential to emphasize that while purchasing YouTube bots can be safe, what you do with them matters significantly. 

Hence, if you decide to buy YouTube bots, it’s crucial to use them responsibly and within the bounds of YouTube’s community guidelines. 

This includes producing original and valuable content and avoiding any activities that might harm the platform’s integrity.

Purchasing YouTube bots from reputable providers following YouTube guidelines can be safe. 

How to Buy YouTube Bots?

Buying YouTube bots is a straightforward process if you follow a few key steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy YouTube bots:

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Provider

Start by selecting a reputable provider or seller to purchase YouTube bots from. It’s crucial to opt for a trusted source to ensure the quality and authenticity of the bots. 

Research potential providers, read reviews, and check their reputation to make an informed choice. Keep in mind some providers require YouTube channel URL.

Step 2: Define Your Requirements

Determine your specific requirements for the YouTube bots you intend to purchase. 

Consider factors like the number of subscribers, bot age, niche relevance, and any additional features you need. A clear idea of your requirements will help you find the right YouTube bots for your goals.

Step 3: Find a Suitable Package

Most reputable providers offer a variety of YouTube view bot packages to choose from. Select a package that aligns with your requirements. 

Packages often differ regarding the number of subscribers, the bot’s history, and any extra services included. 

Some providers even offer customization options to tailor the YouTube view bot to your needs.

Step 4: Review the bot Details

Before purchasing, thoroughly review the details of the best YouTube view bot you plan to buy. 

This should include information about the bot’s subscriber count, age, activity history, and any other relevant specifics. 

Ensure that these details meet your criteria.

Step 5: Confirm the bot’s Authenticity

Reputable providers should guarantee the authenticity of the YouTube bots they sell. 

Verify with the provider that the bots are real and haven’t been involved in fraudulent or spammy activities. 

This step is essential to avoid any potential issues with YouTube’s policies.

Step 6: Complete the Purchase

Complete the purchase once you’re satisfied with the bot details and the provider’s authenticity guarantees. 

Reputable providers often offer secure and encrypted payment methods like credit cards and PayPal. 

Make sure to use a secure payment option to protect your financial information.

Step 7: Receive the bot Credentials

After the successful purchase, you should receive the YouTube bot’s login credentials. Keep this information secure, and don’t share it with anyone to maintain control of the bot.

Step 8: Change Passwords and Secure the bot

For security reasons, it’s advisable to change the bot’s password and ensure that your email is linked to the bot. 

This will help protect your newly acquired YouTube bot from unauthorized access.

Step 9: Verify the bot’s Status

Review its status and activity once you’ve accessed the YouTube bot to ensure everything aligns with your expectations. 

Make any necessary adjustments, such as updating profile information or content.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Bots?

Buying YouTube bots can offer several advantages for individuals or businesses looking to establish a presence on social media platforms. 

Here are some compelling reasons why you might consider purchasing YouTube bots.

Instant Start

Buying the best YouTube bots from provides is a shortcut to launching your presence on the platform. 

Instead of going through the arduous process of setting up a YouTube channel, gaining YouTube subscribers, and building recognition, you can dive right into content creation. 

This immediacy can be especially advantageous for those who want to make their mark swiftly without delaying initial YouTube channel growth.

Engagement Boost

An existing YouTube bot with subscribers will likely have viewers already engaged with the content. These YouTube subscribers might be actively liking, commenting, and sharing videos. When you take over such a bot, you inherit this engaged audience. 

This engagement can have a snowball effect on your YouTube channel. More likes, comments, and shares boost your content’s visibility within YouTube’s algorithms and attract new viewers. 

When new visitors see an active and vibrant community around your content, they will likely engage with it themselves. 

It creates a sense of authenticity and credibility that can be difficult to establish when starting a channel from scratch. 

Subscriber Base

One of the significant advantages of purchasing YouTube bots is inheriting an existing subscriber base. These bots typically come with a built-in audience. 

This pre-existing audience gives your channel an immediate boost in visibility and engagement. 

It means YouTube subscribers are eager to watch and interact when you start posting content. 

This jumpstart can be a game-changer in the competitive world of YouTube.


Cross-promotion is a powerful marketing strategy, and it becomes more effective when you have multiple YouTube bots. 

If you own multiple YouTube channels or have a presence on other online platforms, you can use your purchased YouTube bots to cross-promote your content. 

For example, suppose you have one channel dedicated to technology reviews and another for travel vlogs. 

In that case, you can promote your tech-related videos to the audience of your travel vlog channel and vice versa. This enables you to reach a wider and potentially more diversified audience. 

Cross-promotion can boost your content’s visibility, increase subscriber counts across your YouTube channels, and enhance your online presence. 

It’s a valuable technique for content creators and businesses looking to expand their reach.

Niche Relevance

YouTube is a diverse platform with content spanning numerous niches and interests. 

When buying a YouTube automation bot, choose one that aligns with your niche. 

This is especially valuable if your content strategy is focused on a particular theme, topic, or industry. You enter the platform with a relevant and targeted audience already in place. 

These viewers are more likely to be interested in your content, which can lead to higher engagement and faster YouTube growth in your niche.

Reduced Effort

Growing a YouTube channel organically is a time-consuming and demanding process. 

It often involves creating high-quality content, optimizing for search engines, and actively engaging with your audience. 

Buying a YouTube bot can significantly reduce this effort. When you acquire an established YouTube channel with an existing subscriber base, you skip the initial hurdles of attracting viewers. 

This means you can post content immediately and have an audience to showcase it to. It’s particularly beneficial for those who don’t have the time or resources to build a YouTube channel from scratch. 

With a purchased bot, you can focus your energy on content creation, knowing that you already have an interested audience.

Things to Consider When Buying YouTube Bots?

When considering buying YouTube bots, there are several essential factors you should keep in mind to ensure a safe and beneficial purchase. 

Here are some key things to consider.

Reputable Provider

The choice of your bot provider is paramount. A reputable provider is your assurance of legitimacy and security. 

You should investigate their history to ensure a consistent track record of delivering authentic and secure YouTube bots. 

Look for customer reviews, testimonials, or any history of issues related to their bots. This step is akin to doing a background check, ensuring you enter a safe transaction. 

You want to avoid providers associated with any fraudulent or illegal activities.

Bot Niche

Selecting the best YouTube bot that closely aligns with your content or business niche is essential. 

This alignment ensures that the existing subscribers will find your content relevant and simplifies your content creation process. 

A bot in your chosen niche is more likely to have an audience genuinely interested in your videos. 

This leads to better YouTube engagement, making it easier for you to build on the existing subscriber base.

Bot Subscribers and Activity

The number of YouTube subscribers and the level of activity on the bot are key indicators of its value. A bot with a substantial and active subscriber base is inherently more valuable. 

The existing subscribers indicate that the content has been appealing, which can be a significant asset for you. Moreover, an actively engaged audience contributes to the bot’s credibility. 

A YouTube channel with likes, comments, and shares showcases the bot’s ability to foster YouTube engagement. 

This can significantly boost your content’s visibility as it is favored by YouTube algorithms, which prioritize engaging content in search results and recommendations.

Long-Term Strategy

Thinking beyond immediate gains is essential when purchasing a YouTube automation bot for your YouTube account. Consider how this acquisition aligns with your long-term content or business strategy. 

This involves understanding how the bot can contribute to your goals and objectives. 

For content creators, the new bot should enhance your content’s reach, YouTube engagement, and monetization prospects.

It should support your marketing, branding, and customer outreach efforts for businesses. The bot should be an asset that continues to provide value and relevance as your online presence grows. 

Therefore, ensure that the acquired bot matches your vision well and complements your overall strategy.

Legal Implications for Your YouTube Account

Owning YouTube bots involves various legal responsibilities and implications, primarily regarding copyright and intellectual property rights. 

As the boat’s new owner, you must fully know these obligations. This entails respecting copyright laws when using any audio, video, or graphical elements on the YouTube channel. 

It also means understanding the terms and conditions set by YouTube regarding content creation and community guidelines. You need to keep these in mind if you wnat to keep your YouTube account safe.

Therefore, staying informed about these legal intricacies is critical to maintaining a legitimate, trouble-free YouTube presence. 

Prioritize creating content that adheres to YouTube’s policies and respects the intellectual property rights of others.


Buying YouTube bots can be a helpful boost for your YouTube channel, but it’s not without its considerations. 

Choosing a reputable provider is like picking a trustworthy friend, ensuring your safety. Make sure your bot fits your content like a glove to engage the right audience. 

Having active subscribers is like having cheerleaders on your team, giving you a head start. Always think long-term and consider the legal rules. 

Ultimately, it’s like acquiring a powerful tool; how you use it defines your success. 

With the right bot and strategy, your YouTube journey can shine brightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best YouTube bot provider for my YouTube channel?

To select a reputable provider, research their history, read customer reviews, and look for testimonials.

Ensure they have a track record of delivering authentic and secure bots and are not associated with fraudulent or illegal activities.

What should I consider when choosing a YouTube bot in terms of subscribers and activity?

When choosing a YouTube bot, consider the number of subscribers and their activity. A bot with a substantial and active subscriber base is more valuable, indicating audience engagement and credibility.

How can I change the bot’s password and secure it after purchase?

After purchasing a YouTube bot, change its password to ensure security. Additionally, link your email to the bot to maintain control. 

Secure login credentials are vital to prevent unauthorized access.

What is cross-promotion, and how can I use it with multiple YouTube bots?

Cross-promotion is a marketing strategy where you promote your content from one YouTube channel to the audience of another channel you own.

With multiple YouTube bots, you can cross-promote your content effectively, reaching a wider and more diversified audience.

How do YouTube bots impact a long-term content or business strategy?

Consider how it aligns with your long-term strategy when purchasing a YouTube bot. Ensure it complements your overall goals and objectives for content creators and businesses. 

The bot should continue to provide value and relevance as your online presence grows.