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There are many programs that I use constantly throughout a normal day, but the one I truly cannot live without is Outlook. Email is my main form of communication, but aside from that I use Outlook to keep my appointment schedule (of which there is a ton), and most importantly to keep track of my to-do list. I very often use one of my trademark mottos “If it isn’t in my Outlook, it doesn’t exist”. Meaning if I don’t have it in my calendar or flagged for followup that I will most likely forget it.


This one is pretty straightforward, it is the programs main function to be an email client. It does an excellent job of making it very quick to find, reply and forward email messages. Replies can be done in the preview pane without popping open a new window which is excellent. A lot of people aren’t fans of the new Smooth Type, but I really like it as it makes my feel like I have to race the cursor and makes me want to type faster.

The calendar within Outlook 2013 does an excellent job of keeping tracking of my meetings, my personal appointments, kids sports, and using internet calendars can show the Flyers schedule all in one place. Unfortunately, this makes it very evident that I have very little free time.


The program keeps track of my to-dos in a great list sorted by due date, and color coding helps to identify at a glance the project.


Meeting Scheduler
With the and GoToMeeting plugins, I can easily schedule meetings directly from Outlook.


In short, I think Outlook is the master of organization and brings much needed order to chaos.

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