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Many years ago, when monitors were giant heavy behemoths with large backsides, having two or more hooked up to your computer was in most instances impractical. Luckily, the years have been very kind to display technologies and we have moved from CRT to Plasma to LCD to LED. With each evolutionary step along the path, the displays have gotten lighter and cheaper. Now, you can affordably and easily hook up a nearly unlimited number of displays to your desktop.

Lots of time can be saved when you or your employees aren’t spending time jockeying open applications. When you need to copy text from one program to another, you can now have each program open on separate screens. Working in Flash, Premier or another timeline-driven application? You can separate the timeline and work-space and gain more clarity as a benefit of double the screen real estate.

While most studies on the subject are IN FAVOR of multiple monitors increasing productivity anywhere from 9 to 50%, some recent articles DISAGREEand argue that more space means more distractions.

For some of us, two is the sweet spot, others have settled upon three, and a couple crazy folks believe that SIX is the correct answer. One thing is true, we all agree that one is the loneliest number when it comes to displays.

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