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In a world where having the latest and greatest smartphone and tablet are musts, don’t overlook simple updates that will greatly improve your user experience.

Quickly check and see if you web browser is up to date by CHECKING HERE. A lot of websites are more feature-rich when they can utilize new HTML 5 elements. Chrome 38 even implements a new picture tag to make future responsive sites even better by allowing mobile sites to load smaller and more efficient images, lessening your data costs and proving that it saves both time and money when you keep your software up to date.

Don’t delay, follow this checklist to make sure your digital experience is the best it can be!

1. Run Windows/Microsoft Update and set to Automatic.
2. Update your antivirus and set to Automatic.
3. Run a cleanup program every few months to keep your PC speedy.
4. Consider 64 BIT CHROME as your default browser.

1. Update to the current OSX version (currently Mavericks, Yosemite in the fall).
2. Run all OSX updates.

1. Update to current iOS version (currenly iOS 7, iOS 8 in the fall).
2. Update your apps and set to Automatic.

1. Update to current Android version (currenly KitKat, “L” soon), where possible.
2. Update your apps and set to Automatic.


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