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Should You Buy YouTube Views?

YouTube is the unmatched leader for video sharing on a global scale. The social media network has a whopping 2 billion active monthly users, making it the optimal place to reach worldwide viewers and build your reputation— perhaps even make some money.

Businesses, brands, influencers, creators, and more are all flocking to YouTube trying to gain subscribers as fast as they can and get their video views up. The truth is that a successful YouTube channel can actually generate quite a bit of profit, with top YouTubers earning millions of dollars annually.

Even if becoming a YouTuber isn’t your fantasy, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the platform to gain traction for your business, brand, or creative endeavor and make a few bucks while you do it. In order to do so, however, you’ve got to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and drive your YouTube views up so that you can be successful.

The true indicator of success on YouTube is video views, and with the algorithm deciding up to 70% of what videos users end up watching, it can be a challenging feat to gain the necessary views to do well on the platform. For this reason, people have turned to social media growth companies to buy YouTube views.

This isn’t a bad option if you do it right; here are plenty of companies out there that simply want to make money off of your need and will sell you fake YouTube views just to turn a profit. These YouTube views are a waste of money and harm your performance, so you need to be extra selective when choosing a company to buy from.

When trying to make decisions about buying YouTube views, you might have a variety of questions, and we’re going to give you some info so that you can make a fact-based decision.

Let’s begin with taking a look at the benefit of buying real YouTube views. 

Benefits of Buying YouTube Views

YouTube Views

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you buy YouTube views from a reputable company. YouTube views are the most sought-after metric on the platform, so it’s really important that you’re always gaining more if you want to keep up with your YouTube performance and compete against other channels.

Here are the benefits of buying YouTube views. 

More YouTube Views = Better Algorithm Performance

As we mentioned earlier, the YouTube algorithm is extremely influential in deciding what videos users will watch and it determines roughly 70% of all watched videos. For that reason, you’ve got to get yourself in the recommended section and prove your worth to the YouTube algorithm.

One way to do this is to gain more YouTube views so that the YouTube algorithm will mark your video as valuable and recommend it to more people. When you perform in line with the algorithm, the more natural reach and prosperity you’ll gain on your YouTube channel. 

High Numbers of YouTube Views Gives You Authority

I’m sure you’ve watched plenty of videos yourself on YouTube— if you have a choice, and you see a video with 100k views versus 650 on the same topic, which one are you going to watch?

Of course you’d watch the one with 100k, because the number alone shows that more people have watched it, making it more credible and reputable. When your video has more views, people will trust it more, and you will have more authority.

That can also help you to gain more views naturally because users will be likely to opt for your video over others that have less views. 

Having More YouTube Views Helps You Compete

YouTube Views

There are so many successful YouTubers and YouTube channels out there with highly reputable and appreciated content in every niche, so there is a lot of competition on YouTube. There are thousands of hours of video uploaded per minute, so you’ve got to find a way to stand out against the crowd.

You can do this by having a high number of views. As we mentioned above, the more views you have the more authority you’ll have, and that can help you to set yourself apart or at least stand your own against accounts with thousands and even millions of views. 

You Can Speed up the Growth of Your YouTube Channel

Having more YouTube views gets you more YouTube views. As we’ve seen in all of the above sections, having YouTube views is something that attracts more people to view your videos, so you can effectively amplify your YouTube views by having some already, which grows your channel faster.

Not only that, you can focus on content creation and building your channel’s offerings, which will also help you to grow your account faster through video promotion and more video views. 

The Disadvantages of Fake YouTube Views

Fake YouTube

So, the benefits of real, high-quality YouTube views are numerous, and they’re very attractive. The problem is that you’ll have to choose the right company if you want to enjoy them, and there are plenty of tricky companies out there that are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Let’s see the disadvantages of buying low-quality or fake YouTube views. 

View Quality

In order for your views to help you, they’ve got to be real views. YouTube didn’t get to 2 billion monthly users for nothing— they can detect fake views and regularly clean out their platform to exclude those views. That means you’ll have paid for your views and over time they’ll probably all disappear.

You need to have real viewers that have active and complete profiles so that YouTube doesn’t get rid of them. Quality is more important than quantity. 

Video Watch Time

Should You Buy YouTube Views?

In addition to video views, another important metric on YouTube is how long people have watched your videos, which is known as watch time. This helps to measure how long people view your videos; if they decide not to continue watching, it can hurt your performance against the algorithm because they didn’t like the content for some reason.

What’s more, if someone doesn’t watch your video long enough, it doesn’t even count as a view. A user has to watch at least 30 seconds of a video before it will register as a view. When you buy YouTube views, you want to make sure that they are high-retention and real views so that you can get your increase in views and your watch time will also remain consistent. 

Pricing and Investment Loss

The main reason why people buy YouTube views is that they don’t want to pay for expensive advertisements, which makes sense. It’s important, however, to remember that you get what you pay for, and if someone is selling thousands of YouTube views for just a couple of bucks, it’s not probably not going to help you any.

Money is tight for people starting out on social media or simply looking to boost their platform presence, but you shouldn’t just look for the cheapest out there. Look for real, good quality YouTube views that are affordable but don’t compromise the quality and integrity of your account. 

Should I Buy YouTube Views?

Buy YouTube Views

All in all, buying YouTube views is a great way to get ahead and build some authority for your videos so that you can perpetuate more natural video views over time. People on YouTube are looking for content with a lot of views, so having more views can get your progress off the ground.

Don’t buy cheap YouTube views that are fakes because they won’t do anything for your profile. Use a company like SidesMedia that takes advantage of a real network to provide you with real YouTube views. 

Will I Get Banned if I Buy YouTube Views?

When you buy fake or bot YouTube views, you always run the risk that you can get banned because these are fake accounts or bots that harm the YouTube user experience. YouTube can then reach out to you and warn you and eventually they can ban you.

When you buy YouTube views that are real and from credible companies, you don’t have to worry about your profile getting banned or flagged by YouTube. For this reason as well it’s important to choose wisely when making purchasing decisions. 

How to Choose the Right Company to Buy YouTube Views

When looking for a reputable company to buy YouTube views from, there are a few non-negotiables that you should always look for on the website page, just like you can find on SidesMedia. If you’re considering another site, always look for the following:

  • Secure site and payment gateways
  • Visible pricing
  • FAQ page
  • Information about their service
  • High-quality followers
  • Guarantee or refund policy
  • Real reviews

These are just some of the factors that you can look for when deciding if a company is reputable like SidesMedia. Generally speaking, the more information on the company’s website, the better, and check out user reviews. Make sure the site is secure. Look at their FAQ page. If they don’t offer a lot of info and have a bunch of buzzwords to try and sell you something, avoid.