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Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?


How badly do you want your YouTube channel to be successful? How many people do you think are watching YouTube right now? The reality is YouTube is one of those gold mines that can really help you accelerate your brand’s success and build a community around video content that you love to share with others. 

Of course, YouTube consists of millions of people watching videos every day, and while this might sound like a good thing, it means that you’ve got your work cut out for you. If you’ve only just started trying to grow your YouTube channel, then you might not be aware that you’ve got an uphill battle ahead.

It feels like everyone is on YouTube these days, and while most of them are just trying to find video content they want to watch, there are also 

hundreds of thousands of people trying to achieve fame and infamy as well. The more you see YouTubers out there doing really well and monetizing their channel, the more you want to achieve the same kind of success. 

However, if you go it alone, you’re going to quickly realize that it’s easier said than done, and you might even get to a point where you want to throw the towel in. Let’s talk a little bit about whether you should buy YouTube subscribers, and why people do.

Why Do People Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Buying YouTube Followers

If you’ve got a YouTube channel right now, and you are really struggling to get people looking at your content, and subscribing to it, then you will know how frustrating it can feel, especially when you see everyone else doing really well. The reality is, if you want to go at it alone, and you don’t want to involve anyone else in your channel’s growth, it could take months or even years to get to where you want to be.

So, at this point, you’ve got two options to choose from. You could either wait it out, in the hopes that people floating around on YouTube are going to come across your content and like it, or you could go for the way more reliable solution, which is buying your YouTube subscribers. Isn’t this approach completely illegal? Absolutely not.

YouTube frowns upon outsourcing your YouTube subscribers, but only when they are low-quality. As long as the engagement that you are .

seeking is high-quality, there’s absolutely no way that you can go wrong. Again, just to reiterate, buying your YouTube subscribers isn’t illegal, as long as you are focusing on the quality of the engagement. 

If you just go for the first company that you come across, without much thought to whether they’re putting time and effort into finding their YouTube subscribers, then you could get into trouble.

Should I Buy My YouTube Subscribers – or Wait?

Honestly, we think that the answer to this question is completely up to you. However, in our personal opinion, if you are trying to figure out how you can gain a large following on your YouTube channel in a relatively short amount of time, then we think that this is your best option. 

In fact, you will soon discover that a lot of those YouTubers that you look up to so much have done this at some point in their career. Why? because they know the benefits that come along with buying YouTube subscribers.

What Are the Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers?

We would be remiss if we didn’t give you some solid information about the benefits of buying YouTube subscribers. Let’s dive in.

You Become Legit

When you head on over to someone else’s YouTube channel, and you see that they only have a few subscribers, what are the chances of you hanging around and wanting to be a part of their community? We think that it is highly unlikely. In fact, most people won’t even bothered to check out someone’s content if they have already seen that they don’t have a lot of subscribers on their list.

The sad truth of the matter is that people like to do what other people are doing. They definitely don’t like missing out, and if they come across a YouTube channel that only has a few subscribers on the list, they are definitely not going to think they are missing out on anything. 

This means that if you have thousands of YouTube subscribers and a decent number of views on your videos, then people are going to take you more seriously. This is going to give people the impression that you are creating top-notch, quality content that they are going to love watching. Another way of looking at it is that they are going to see you as legitimate. 

The more legitimate you are, the more subscribers you are going to get on your channel.

Gets More People to Follow You

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to buy YouTube subscribers is that it is going to potentially earn them a lot more subscribers within their target audience. Again, once YouTube considers you legit, then this is going to exponentially increase your chances of convincing other people to subscribe to you.

If you buy a couple thousand subscribers in the beginning, you might discover that this list doubles or even triples really quickly. Then, as your user engagement around your videos increases, this is going to push your content to the top of YouTube’s recommended searches. 

YouTube uses an algorithm to determine who they recommend to users, and if they can see that you are getting a lot of action on your video content, they are more likely to recommend you.

Boosts Your Position in YouTube Search

YouTube Search

As we briefly glossed over, YouTube is going to rank your YouTube channel higher if you have a lot more subscribers on your list than other channels in your niche. Again, the higher your ranking when it comes to YouTube’s recommendations, the more visible your content is. 

This is going to give it a really good chance of getting seen by new people, and these new people will click on your content. Of course, with each new visitor that comes along, there is the opportunity to turn them into a subscriber. 

Without this initial boost of subscribers, you have no chance of connecting with your potential community.

Balance Between Views and Subscribers

Of course, when talking about You Tube subscribers, we can’t neglect YouTube views. The last thing that you want when you’re trying to take your YouTube growth seriously is a whole bunch of YouTube subscribers, but next to no views on your video content. This is going to look incredibly suspect to people visiting your channel, and they are less likely to follow you.

We think that if you want to be considered legit, and stand out in front of everyone else, you need to get this balance right.

Gives You an Instant Boost

Trying to increase their subscriber list from zero to thousands is going to be a long and arduous process. You will be at it for a long time, and it could take months or even years to get where you want to be. This is all time that you could have otherwise been earning money on your YouTube channel, so it is a lot of lost income. 

If you purchase your YouTube subscribers from a company that is reputable, then you give your channel an instant boost, and you get the opportunity to monetize your YouTube channel lot faster.

Don’t Buy Too Many YouTube Subscribers at Once

YouTube Subscribers

At this point, we’ve probably convinced you that buying your YouTube subscribers is your best way forward. We definitely think that it’s a great chance to be taken more seriously on YouTube, and to transform your YouTube channel into the cash cow that you’ve always wanted it to be. 

However, we do have a word of caution, and that is that you shouldn’t buy too many YouTube subscribers at once. There was always the risk that this YouTube growth is going to look suspicious, especially to people who have seen your YouTube channel before and know where you started. 

Of course, you’re excited to get going with it, but we highly recommend that you purchase just a few hundred followers in the beginning. This way, you can continue to grow your YouTube channel gradually, with the help of a third party.

Grow Your YouTube Channel with Solid Subscriber

So, there you have it – all the reasons why you should buy YouTube subscribers, and how they are going to help your account go from zero to hero. If you are someone who is worried about finding the right source to purchase your YouTube subscribers from, then we highly recommend that you check out our features at SidesMedia above. 

We only work with high-quality YouTube subscribers, to ensure that our clients get the best of the industry. We also keep our client’s personal information safe, so there’s no risk to your existing reputation. Feel free to get in touch with us at any point should you need to!

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