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If you are someone who has spent a lot of your life so far creating and listening to music, then it needs to be online. Back just a few years ago, if you wanted to create and share music with people who might be interested in listening to it, you had to find ways to expand your fan base in person.


These days however, the Internet has made it possible to develop a solid fan base around your music in more ways than one. One of the most popular music streaming platforms right now is SoundCloud, and it has been responsible for making quite a few well-known musicians in the industry famous. What this does is that it sets a precedent for aspiring musicians everywhere, giving them hope that through a platform like this, they can make it big as well.


Whether you are someone who likes to go for old school methods or not, the Internet is the way of the future. This means that if you want to expand your reach around your music, you need to be on platforms like SoundCloud. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes you might even feel a little bit frustrated at SoundCloud’s landscape.


This is because there are now millions of people using SoundCloud every day. Not all of these people are uploading music and trying to get in front of a target audience, but a lot of them are. This means that you’ve got your work cut out for you, and there are plenty of people out there you need to get in front of if you want to be seen.


This is perhaps the biggest reason for people outsourcing their SoundCloud plays these days, so that they can cover this aspect of their SoundCloud growth, and spend more time focusing on their music.

Why Do People Buy SoundCloud Plays?

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Whether you have a SoundCloud profile yet or not, you will probably still be in the beginning stages of it. This means that you will know first-hand the struggle when it comes to growing a SoundCloud account, and you will have been feeling frustrated at times about how your music isn’t being seen by enough people. You know that it is high quality, and you know that there would be plenty of people out there more than happy to listen to it. You just don’t know how to connect with them. This doesn’t mean that the competition doesn’t have music that’s also worth listening to, but the way that SoundCloud is set up does make it challenging for everyone. For everybody who wants to grow their SoundCloud profile, they’ve got two options. The first is that they could take the conventional approach and continue to try and grow their SoundCloud profile by themselves. Or they could go for what we think is the more reliable solution, which is to purchase their SoundCloud plays. You’re
probably thinking, isn’t this under the table and not approved of? The good news is that it isn’t. SoundCloud does frown upon people who turn to third party companies for their SoundCloud plays that aren’t high quality, and don’t have a good reputation. However, if you are making sure that the SoundCloud plays you are purchasing are really good quality, and add to your SoundCloud’s reputation, then there is nothing wrong with this. It all comes down to the quality of your SoundCloud plays. If it is obvious to SoundCloud that they aren’t valuable in any way, then your profile won’t survive very long. This is why it is essential to do your homework, and make sure that you know as much about a company as possible before you sign up with them.

Should I Buy My SoundCloud Plays – or Go Another Direction?

Now that we have talked a little bit about buying your SoundCloud plays, you’re probably wondering whether you should or not. Of course, the answer to this is up to the individual, but we do have to suggest at this point that purchasing your SoundCloud plays is going to be a really effective, efficient way of improving the aesthetic of your SoundCloud profile in general. If it helps, there are a lot of aspiring musicians who have gone before you that have adopted this practice into their content strategy for SoundCloud. They have realized the frustrations of trying to grow their SoundCloud profile by themselves and come to the conclusion that it’s not worth their time. They want their schedule to open up, so that they can dedicate a lot more time to creating music that their fans are going to love.

You Get Legit Status

As well as creating your own music, there are probably quite a few musicians that you follow yourself on SoundCloud. Ask yourself the question; why do you follow them? It is probably because you love their music, but how did you discover them in the first place? We’re willing to bet it is through the number of plays they had on their music. You were tempted to check them out because they had a lot of plays on their tracks, and you wanted to know why everyone was listening to them. The same approach can be applied to your SoundCloud profile. If people come to visit your profile, and check out your music, and they see that you don’t have a lot of plays on your tracks, then they aren’t going to be very excited about listening to them. This entire concept has everything to do with social proof. The more engagement you have on your content, whatever social network you’re on, the more interested people are going to be in hanging out and becoming a part of your community. When you have a lot of SoundCloud plays on your content, it shows people that you are producing amazing music, and that you are connecting it to the right audience and that audience is really enjoying it.

More People are Going to Follow You

We think that one of the biggest reasons people like you want to purchase their SoundCloud plays is because it’s going to encourage more people to follow you. This is called the compound effect. The more engagement that you have on your SoundCloud music in general, the more people are tempted to follow you. This is why it is so difficult to grow your SoundCloud profile from scratch, because in the beginning when you don’t have any plays on your music, nobody is tempted to follow you. Before you manage to convince anyone to make that connection with your SoundCloud profile, you’ve got to have those SoundCloud plays on your tracks. This is why purchasing your SoundCloud plays is so effective. It not only gives you a boost in the beginning, but it helps you accelerate your SoundCloud profile’s
growth, so that you can do a lot in a short amount of time. It is also going to do a lot against SoundCloud’s algorithm. SoundCloud, just like any other social network out there like Twitter or Facebook, uses an algorithm to determine who they rank and recommend to new SoundCloud users. It is a fickle and exclusive algorithm, and there aren’t too many people who know how to beat it. However, if you choose to purchase your SoundCloud plays, you can end up coming out on top, and getting around it.

Boosts Your Search Rank

Search Rank
Buying SoundCloud plays is not only going to help you beat SoundCloud’s algorithm, but it’s going to help you turn up in search results. When people on SoundCloud type in a genre the search bar to look up so that they can find artists creating the right type of music, a long list of potential musicians will come up. Because there are so many musicians out there that are trying to achieve the same goals as you, there are only a few spots available at the top, and hundreds of people vying for them. People who use the search bar on SoundCloud aren’t likely to scroll down too far and would usually only go for the first couple of search results. If you want to get featured in these search results, so that more people click through to your SoundCloud profile, then you need to purchase your SoundCloud plays. SoundCloud favors people that have more plays on their

music, so if you can prove that your SoundCloud music is popular already, then they will rank your tracks better.

Grow Your SoundCloud Profile with Real SoundCloud Plays

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We believe at this point in time that it is a no-brainer that you should buy your SoundCloud plays for your SoundCloud profile. In a world that is highly competitive, if you want to try and send out with your quality music and connect it with fans that are going to love what you produce, you need to give yourself an advantage through SoundCloud plays. One of the biggest challenges now is figuring out which company has a good enough reputation to provide you with sustainable, quality SoundCloud plays. We believe that our SoundCloud plays above at SidesMedia are some of the best and will help you win over even more SoundCloud followers in no time.